Issues & Political Concerns

Time for Change


Agriculture, whether animal production, technological innovation, row crop, and beyond is incredibly vital to our nation. For decades the small farmer has pleaded with the government to do something about the corporate monopolization of the industry. Again, the average Joe, working 40 hours plus a week, has seen the writing on the wall as the government turned a blind eye, shaking hands and handing out lucrative government subsidies to big corporations. In the last 2 years they finally heard our concerns. Too little too late. 

We need to support our small family farms. While the pandemic closed the doors of the corporations that control the food markets, it was the small family farm, it was the small meat locker, it was the farmers markets that kept our nation moving forward. Corporate Agriculture puts small farmers out of business, provides a lesser product, and causes serious supply issues when there is an emergency. We need tax cuts, incentives, and a national policy that pushes small business. That includes Agriculture and all of the industries under its umbrella

Criminal Justice Reform

I was a Military Police Officer when in the military. First, I'd like to say our police should be held to the same standards as our 18yr old soldiers are in a war zone. Mistakes happen but that doesn't mean mistakes should go without consequence. A large majority of the time our police officers are found to be morally and legally within their rights during an incident. Sadly, sometimes they are not. 

As for crime, the simple answer, stop letting criminals go free. Again, Average Joe has complained about this for years. In cities like Chicago, the police arrest criminals only to have Kim Foxx's office release them. Then the same government that refuses to put criminals behind bars complains about gun violence and a crime rate far beyond the norm. We need to stop the war on drugs and focus on the war on crime more generally. Broken glass policing will help rein in the crime spike. 

We need to fund our police departments not defund them! That doesn't mean they need military vehicles or more exotic equipment.  While that may be an important part of the funding, we need to focus on training, de-escalation, non lethal, accountability, etc.  Our police have a very difficult job. Proper training and adequate, not excessive equipment is necessary for us to expect them to be the police our nation deserves. 

I'm not a fan of elected officials having the power to tie the hands of their police. We saw this in Seattle, Chicago, New York, and many other places across the nation in recent years. The Democrats want to defund the police and a move to community policing. I believe I have an olive branch that fixes some of both of our issues without compromising either of our goals. Local Sheriffs. Municipality Sheriffs, ward Sheriffs, state district Sheriffs. Required to live in district and voted by the people. Separating the city politicians from the police while giving the police directly to the people. Now this is my own idea and I'm sure there's plenty of edges that need polished, but I'm excited for those conversations. 


Deregulation, small business, flat tax.  Do I need to go on? We have more than 30 million small businesses in our nation employing 60 million workers, nearly half (47.5%) of the U.S. workforce. Small businesses represent over 90% of American businesses and generate a third of all exports. 

We need to remove burdensome and unnecessary regulations and continue the Trump Era deregulation campaign. Our excessive regulatory environment stifles small business the most translating to half of our economy suffering due to unnecessary government burdens.  

We need a simple flat tax across the board.  No loopholes, no complicated code, just a flat tax. Until we get there, we need to expand the tax credits for small business. 

 As President Trump did We need to focus on bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

We must invest in our small businesses. They are the lifeblood of our nation and as the Democrats shut the doors of small businesses through extortion, threats, and fines the large corporations thrived. We need to right that wrong and stop propping up a ever-growing corporate environment and start investing in small businesses both new and old.  


We need energy independence.  Again, old Average Joe has been complaining about this for years. We saw high gas prices coming the day Biden was elected. Whether by cutting oil and gas production, limiting exploration, or halting vital infrastructure while simultaneously promoting our enemies. The Democrats have hurt this nation again. We need to open the floodgates on oil and natural gas. We will create jobs, and lower fuel prices for the truckers that deliver our goods. We create the cleanest oil in the world in the safest environment in the world. It's just common sense for our nation and the environment that the United States be the leader in energy production.  

I believe in renewable energy and I believe I'll see a day when it becomes the number 1 source of energy in this country. But we're not there yet and though it gets a little closer every year, we need to focus on what we have and continue innovating the renewable energy sector.  We can do this without forcing fuel prices to a level that makes renewables "cheaper". 


For starters, abolish the federal department of education. Since it's inception, costs have gone up and test scores have gone down. This and many other reasons justify its removal. 

School choice is putting the powers back in the parents hands. It gives them control over their children's education. Parents should have thw power to decide where and what their child learns. 

Critical race theory needs to be removed from all schools. We need to teach our children every dark moment from our history from dirty tricks during colonization to slavery, to Bengazi. But it needs to be done in an age appropriate way and race has little to do with it unless you're trying to mold minds for nefarious purposes.   

Hold those accountable that masked our nation's children for literally years. The government knew long before the people were allowed to say it out loud that masking children was unnecessary. Now mental disorders run rampant in teens from eating disorders, suicide, depression, and more. 60% of human communication is nonverbal and we have children in second grade learning facial expression 2 years late because of political policies that had nothing to do with safety. The consequences of a meaningless mask will have a meaningfully impact on our youth for years to come.  

We need more focus on the  trades in high school. We need to focus more on our government, its process, and why our involvement is important. We should be leading the world in education but public unions and unethical power structures push indoctrination over education.

Election Integrity

We need voter ID and we need an absentee ballot system that is rare, secure, and monitored as well as a return to paper ballots. These acts will help keep our elections secure and none of them have anything to do with the voters' race as the Democrats like to suggest.

Foreign Policy

We need to take care of issues at home. We have starving children, homeless veterans, and an economic crisis the democrats think we can spend our way out of.  I fully support helping those less fortunate but as a firefighter I was taught if I get hurt in a fire, I can't help anyone. The same applies here.  If we don't get our issues under control, there will be no help for the less fortunate around the world. We need fair, reciprocal trade partnerships. We need the same in defense partnerships. And we need limited Foreign aid that has strict guidelines that our nation can follow up on. Again, transparency is key.  

We need to stop working so fondly with our enemies. Iran, Russia, China. We help them to our own detriment. We do not need a war with Russia. We just need to walk away from them and walk away from those that do Business with them. The same should apply to China and Iran as well. Russia has invaded a sovereign nation, China has concentration camps for ethnic minorities, and Iran still chants death to America as its proxies continue to attempt to weaken us.  For these reasons and many more we should distance ourselves from these types of regimes.  We need to focus on America First policies.  

Government Accountability

While freedom should be a given in the United States of America, sadly, it is not.  Over the last 2 years the people have suffered complete totalitarianism under the guise of an emergency.  People were arrested for being outside, in the ocean, alone.  People were arrested for sitting in their cars watching the sunset. Businesses were threatened and extorted into compliance by government officials that knew they had no right to force such actions.  Business licenses were used as leverage, fines used as extortion, and Lady Liberty wept. I will fight to hold those accountable for the actions over the last 2 years. I will never forget how quickly freedom can disappear and I will fight to make sure it can never happen again. 

Much of the last 2 years would have gone nowhere had the government been transparent and given the people all the information they had. Sadly this is not the first time this has happened. We have the Freedom of Information Act and while its creation was incredible, again, loopholes have been found by the nefarious and must be plugged.  There must be accountability to those that refuse to follow the law. There are very few things I believe the government should hide from the people. That said, the term 'for national security reason' gets abused to cover for powerful peoples' illegal activities. I will fight for our nation to be transparent with its people. 

I believe we as Americans  are desensitized to the corruption of Washington. There have been so many scandals and bombshells both true and false over the last few years that nothing surprises us anymore.  Sadly, few times does anyone get held accountable for their actions. Public officials should be held to a higher standard with more severe punishments and investigated with much more scrutiny. We need public officials that don't cross the lines of legality in hopes the courts take long enough for their illegal rules to prosper.

We need term limits. Our elected officials were not supposed to be in Office for 40 years.

Fiscal Policy

Taxation in this country is completely out of control. Not surprising to the average American citizen, it's directly related to the out of control spending that is stopped by no one, audited by no one, and re-evaluated by no one. Every budget passed without extensive audit is a failure delivered to the people. After 2 years of Covid-19 the budget continued to rise. I personally find it hard to believe that the agencies closed on and off for the last 2 years spent all the money they were allocated and needed more from the next budget. That's not even mentioning the 800 billion dollars still unspent from previous covid relief packages.  All while they put together the next package full of pork for pet projects of those in DC.  We need serious Tax reform but more importantly, we must have spending reforms. 

Our government grows every day. I believe it's time for it to shrink… a lot.  First, we need to audit why, how much, and where every dollar is going in the federal government. We need to audit the FED as well as every other government agency.  We have multiple federal policing agencies.  We only need one.  The CIA, FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF, US Marshals etc can and should all be one agency with many departments. Our government agencies already don't communicate well. This should help that as well as an over bloated administrative department doubled multiple times over. The same should be done with our food safety agencies, environmental agencies, and public health agencies. Farther down into the underbelly you'll find multiple government welfare programs that can be consolidated and in turn, better serve the people with more money for the less fortunate to help get them back on their feet. The same should be done with government grants and loan programs. Everything should have a one stop shop. I believe we need to abolish the Department of Education on the federal level.  Since its inception, costs have gone up and test scores have gone down. Those facts among others show it's not only unnecessary but it brings nothing positive to the table. I believe we should abolish the TSA. In 2015 they had a 95% fail rate on firearms searches.  In 2020 they boasted their highest rate of catches. It is a failed organization that could be done by private security better and at the cost of the airport as is done in many other private industries. I could go on and on but the key point is our government needs serious spending reforms.  


Our southern border only needs one thing.  President Trump's border policies. They proved successful and the democrats overturned them like whining children and left us with a crisis worse than ever seen there before. There needs to be a discussion about our immigration policy. It needs updated reforms. But none of those reforms are amnesty or open borders. I'll fight for a merit based immigration system and a strong secure border like we had just 2 years ago.

The First Amendment

The internet has brought new questions to the first Amendment. I believe they have simple answers. Corporations should not have the power to silence voices. And private or not, they have that power. In the last 2 years we have seen what corporate censorship can do. It kills people. We lost countless lives during the pandemic because private corporations censored doctors and specialists who said the wrong thing at the wrong time according to the people who were wrong the whole time. Today, Covid-19 origins, ivermectin, and even the Biden laptop story are mainstream news. But 2 years ago when those stories first broke, people were censored and removed from platforms for even suggesting what is openly discussed on cable news today. This is the danger of censorship. And this is why we must fight for freedom of speech. False information and lies have been around forever. It is on the individual to verify information and it always has been. Censorship is unacceptable and I will fight to hold those accountable that trafficked in its ilk. Just for mentioning a few of the words above I'm sure I'll have a notice at the bottom of this post.

The Second Amendment

I am a strong advocate for gun rights. Constitutional carry is a right that should be extended to every American regardless of the state they live in. I will fight to challenge State and federal laws that go far beyond infringement to include Illinois FOID Card, suppressor regulation, accessory bans, and more.