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One of The People, For The People

I am Thomas Lynch, your candidate for the 2nd congressional District in Illinois. I was born and raised in a town of 800 people, Cissna Park, IL. I was very active in FFA and was on the State FFA officer team in 2005-06. It was here that I gained a passion for Community service. Now I serve as a member of the FFA Alumni helping fund programs and scholarships to high school seniors looking to further their education. I also serve in my local American Legion where I Chair the Food stand committee for old settlers, the longest continuous running community event in Illinois. I served as an EMT and Firefighter in the Cissna Park Fire Department. My life is service and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


After a short time in college, I decided to join the Army as a Military Police Officer.  After 3 years of service, one tour to Iraq, and a knee injury that lead to my honorable discharge I rejoined the civilian ranks working with behavioral issues in young men 12-18 years old. 


Soon after my time in the Army ended I joined a brother who deployed with me to attend school at Wyotech in Pennsylvania. I had built a hobby restoring classic cars and it was moving towards being a legitimate business. I decided to stay in Pennsylvania after I graduated.


It was here that I started paying closer attention to what my government was doing. President Obama was re-elected in 2012 soon after the business became my sole income. His day one policies to end natural gas and oil drilling destroyed the local economy in my area. People who were making $40/hr working minimum 80hrs/wk yesterday, were selling everything they owned today.  It was tragic. I received phone call after phone call from clients telling me to stop all work, total the bill, and almost always offered to sell me the car.  Sadly for all of us, I wasn't in any position to buy anything. As my clients lost their jobs, I lost my income. Things went from bad to worse when the shop officially closed. I was living in a garage with no water, no heat, and sleeping on a curb find couch. I had found my rock bottom not because of bad choices I made, but because of policy from the federal government. 


It pains me to think that someone is living my previous hell right now. The situation today is almost identical, I now clearly understand how one man can affect many with just the stroke of a pen. It was at this point in my life that I started paying attention to what the politicians around me were doing. I'll admit, I didn't care much before. At least not until it affected me personally. I wish I could say different but that's the reality. I know plenty of people that had the same sentiment over the last 2 years. So I started reading the Constitution, the federalist papers.  I started studying policy positions and forming my belief structure. That was 10 years ago. And today I know where I stand. 


I want a second amendment that is not infringed upon.  I want freedom of speech that isn't stifled by private companies with monopoly power over information. I want to see government officials behind bars when it is found they broke the law.  I want a balanced fiscal policy. I want lower taxes. I want a secure immigration policy that works. But most importantly I want freedom, a transparent government, and one held accountable for its actions. 


I now work for the Illinois Department of Agriculture as a Meat and Poultry inspector where I pride myself on my mission to help individual businesses operate in a sanitary and common sense way despite the government's insistence that all business owners are the bad guy.  


In May of 2020 after '2 weeks to flatten the curve' turned to 'just 1 more month' turned into unconstitutional authoritarianism I stood up and held a modest protest in Springfield. Soon after, I linked up with the Reopen Illinois crew and continued organizing protests there. I then focused my attention on my local community. I was elected to my county board in 2020 and have fought for an end to the mandates and to change our meeting times so more of the public could participate in our local government. I went to every school board meeting in the 2021-2022 school year. I pleaded with facts and legal rulings for them to change their policies and fight with so many other schools.  With every court case won I had more ammo to bring to the meetings. I continued not because I thought I would win. I honestly didn't think I would. But it was the right thing to do. Someone had to stand up for the next generation. I don't have any children but those kids will run this country when I'm too old to. That point kept me fighting as our schools were teaching our youth to back down and take it regardless of the authority and with no consideration for the adverse effects we see today.  


I say all this to put it all on the table. This is who I am. This is what I've done. I'm an American Patriot who is sick of the government cutting off the hands and feet of the people and calling it progress.  I'm not the smartest man in many rooms but even I saw the consequences of the Biden Administrations' policies. We all saw a future of high gas prices and inflation. But our government either didn't see it or didn't care.  


We will win. The people have the power and we are wielding it for a better future. Join me in trying to make that future possible.